Increased Savings

  • • 25% average energy cost savings
  • • Irrigation water use averages 25% less
  • • Labor cost is reduced
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More Accurate Planning

  • • Determines best polytubing size
  • • Details field layout for polytubing
  • • Provides hole sizes and location details
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Improved Efficiency

  • • Distributes water evenly down furrows
  • • Improves irrigation efficiency
  • • Reduces excessive water runoff
Pipe Planner provides improved efficiency, increased savings, and more accurate planning while maintaining, or in some cases increasing, current yields.

What is Pipe Planner?

Delta Plastics' Pipe Planner is a Web-based application designed to help you create the most efficient irrigation system for your row crops.

Simply input easily obtained information about your field, well, and polytubing, and Pipe Planner will provide a design that maximizes your field's potential for achieving uniform water application.

Pipe Planner provides a competitive advantage for various individuals, including:

  • Growers
  • Agricultural consultant
  • Delta Plastics distributors
  • Farm managers
  • Irrigation specialists
  • Fertilizer distributors
  • Pesticide distributors

Irrigation Resources Division

Delta Plastics Irrigation Resource Division provides reliable technical information and extensive, informed analysis to maximize the effectiveness of your farm's irrigation water. Our expertise and on-the-farm knowledge allow us to provide the assistance you need to make the best selections for your irrigation and energy management needs

Our specialists are dedicated to working directly with you to develop personalized, practical solutions - like Pipe Planner - that can increase your profits and conserve natural resources.

Minimum Input = Maximum Output

Maximizing your field's potential is simplified with Pipe Planner. Just enter five easily obtained data inputs, and Pipe Planner will produce the information you need to get the most out of your field.

  • Pipe length
  • Furrow spacing
  • Furrow direction
  • Elevation change along polytubing
  • Discharge of well volume (GPM)

  • Type and size of polytube
  • Size and number of irrigation holes
  • Estimated time required for effective irrigation

Easy, Web-based Access

Pipe Planner offers all the advantages of a user-friendly, Web-based application, along with added administrative support from the Delta Plastics Irrigation Resource Division.

With Pipe Planner, you can:

  • Store all your information on the Delta Plastics secure server
  • Access your data at any time
  • Easily maintain and upgrade your plans as needed
  • Access real-time support services

To learn more about Pipe Planner offerings and how you can begin maximizing your field's potential, contact a Delta Plastics representative today at 800-277-9172.

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